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Penetrating Cleaner- Technical Application Discussion

Fast-N-GreenTM  Penetrating Cleaner is a concentrated high solvency action multi-purpose cleaner. It is an integrated biologically compatible companion product to the Fast-N-GreenTM Bio-D-Grader formula and is designed to serve a dual purpose. 1) In the unlikely event that the Bio-D-Grader Degreaser surfactant formulation in a high concentration is not adequately effective at removing an aged or particularly stubborn residue, stain, or charred carbonaceous deposit, the aggressive solvent formulation of the Penetrating Cleaner will dissolve the contaminant, emulsify it, and make it biologically available for the Bio-D-Grader Degreaser to follow and destroy. 2) It can also be employed as a primary sister solvent cleaner that can safely and effectively penetrate cracks, porous surfaces and/or baked on residues. It can emulsify, dissolve and remove highly viscous, aged, or charred hydrocarbon residues, stubborn grime, stains, grease, inks, and adhesives from metal, concrete, and other contaminated surfaces while assuring a film-free rinse. Yet, this product delivers its incredible cleaning performance without the use of harsh and irritating chemicals or acids or toxic to the environment chlorinated hydrocarbons as found in most other industrial strength solvent cleaners. It is ODC free (no ozone depleting chemicals), and HAP free (no hazardous air pollutants). All the penetrating solvents blended in the Fast-N-GreenTM Penetrating Cleaner are food-grade quality solvents that are safely used in animal feed, cosmetics, food service industries, and pharmaceuticals throughout the USA.

Like its biochemical system companion product, Fast-N-GreenTM

Bio-D-Grader, the Penetrating Cleaner is a super concentrate with less than 16% water and MUST be diluted in use by a minimum of 19 parts water to 1 part concentrated cleaner or it will be wasted in application.

The product is compatible with most surfaces: aluminum, carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, ceramic, stone, glass, upholstery, tile, and concrete, but it will slowly attack, craze, or soften many plastics, rubber and asphalt surfaces if residual Penetrating Cleaner is not properly rinsed off within 10 minutes of application. Simple water rinsing is all that is required. Rinsed with dilute solutions of Fast-N-GreenTM ’s Bio-D- Grader will efficiently remove all residual Penetrating Cleaner from surfaces, as well as provide the enzyme and micro-organisms required to actively biodegrade the Penetrating Cleaner and its component straight chain emulsion chemistry plus organic contaminants to CO2 and H2O.

Essentially ALL the diverse applications covered under the Bio-D-Grader product discussion also are pertinent to the applications for which the Penetrating Cleaner can be used in the event that the surfactant action of the Bio-D-Grader product proves to be insufficient and an aggressive solvent cleaner action is indicated. As a primary or stand-alone solvent action penetrating cleaner however, the Fast-N-GreenTM Penetrating Cleaner is uniquely effective in its own broad range of otherwise demanding applications. Several of these demanding applications are highlighted below

Food Service Industry

The food service industry is uniquely demanding because of public health and safety compliance issues. The food preparation areas not only must be kept impeccably clean, but the cleaners employed for that purpose must not leave a residue that can contaminate the food or be food-grade themselves so that they will not be harmful if inadvertently consumed. If there is frying or deep fat cooking, there is likely going to be some splatter or other opportunity for oil to collect on the floor to pose a “slip & fall” risk. Finally, all food service and most institutional establishments by local law are required to have suitable “grease traps” to assure prevention of contamination and blockage of the municipal sanitary sewer systems and pipes from an overflow of viscous fats, oil, and grease (FOG). Use of the Penetrating Cleaner addresses ALL of these above issues. All the penetrating solvents blended in the Fast-N-GreenTM Penetrating Cleaner are food-grade quality solvents that are safely used. Continued use of the Penetrating Cleaner will solubilize viscous oil and solid grease into an irreversible liquid state and will keep pipes free from heavy oil and grease build up.

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The applications that the above and many other industries have in common are diverse requirements to clean
engines, engine compartments and bilge areas, heavily contaminated or aged parts and tooling, and heavy
manufacturing equipment degreasing, mechanical rigs and work space cleanup (to avoid slip & fall). Fast-N-GreenTM Penetrating Cleaner offers the ultimate “green” biodegradable solution.

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