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Penetrating Cleaner

A concentrated high solvency multi-purpose penetrating cleaner and integrated companion product to the Fast-N-GreenTM Bio-D-Grader formula. Developed for aerospace, automotive, maritime, food service and industrial applications, it is a proprietary blend of food-grade penetrating oils, solvents, advanced amine, enzymatic and surfactant chemistries in a co-metabolite formula derived from Nature. The product safely and effectively penetrates cracks and porous surfaces, emulsifies, dissolves and removes highly viscous, aged, or charred hydrocarbon residues, stubborn grime, stains, grease, inks, and adhesives from metal, concrete,contaminated surfaces while assuring a film-free rinse.

This product delivers its incredible cleaning performance without the use of harsh and irritating chemicals or acids as found in most other industrial strength solvent cleaners. Fast-N-GreenTM Penetrating Cleaner is your biodegradable solution to avoiding combustible solvents, toxic degreasers and hazardous acidic or caustic cleaners for 1) parts de-greasing, 2) engine degreasing, 3) grease trap treatment, and 4) removal of highly contaminated heavy oil, tar, wax, FOG (fat, oil, grease), and asphaltic deposits from a wide variety of surfaces without leaving a residue.

Unique Features

  • The product is an integrated biologically compatible sister solvent cleaner to the Bio-D-Grader Degreaser
  • Contains no harsh chemicals, caustics, or acids
  • Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic, Non-Abrasive and biodegradable
  • Replaces toxic chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents and hazardous chemical and hydrocarbon formulated solvents for parts cleaning, degreasing anddeep-surface cleaning in a wide range of industrial applications 
  • The product enhances the efficiency of existing wastewater treatment systems and provides a level of protection against viscous oils and greases
  • Use of Fast-N-GreenTM Penetrating Cleaner reduces the risk of “slip & fall” from slippery build-up of oil and grease residues on hard surfaces
  • Concentrate can be stored for 5+ years
  • Specifically designed and formulated for the Automotive, Industrial, Food Service, Marine, and Aerospace Industries
  • Dilution ratio can range up to 1-50 with water, depending upon intended use
  • An innovative proprietary food-grade solvent system derived from Natural sustainable origins generally used in fragrances, flavorings, and cosmetics
  • Effective for floors, concrete driveways, concrete tarmac stain cleanups, cleaning stainless steel, aluminum and mag wheels and wheel wells, engine, parts and tool washing and degreasing
  • Remarkably cost-effective and designed to proactively protect the environment. It naturally biodegrades in 7 days or less after use!

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