Lead - X NEA

Lead - X NEA (Proprietary Nano-Encapsulation Agent)

 The Lead – X remediation concentrate is cost-effectively diluted to only 1% - 5% and employed to activate a chemical isolation and extraction process that ultimately sequesters, encapsulates and agglomerates Lead (Pb) particulate matter at an optimum pH to create a nano-micelle formation and emulsion. This process lowers the interfacial tension between the surrounding liquid and the Lead particles on smooth and textured surfaces thus facilitating the isolation, capture, agglomeration, removal, reclamation and final disposition of wastes captured by the Lead – X proprietary processor. 

Lead – X is both a lead abatement chemical process and a system approach to saving cleaning chemistry, sustainably reducing daily wash solution and rinse water volume, and cost-effectively controlling processing, labor handling and time management for daily savings in time, money, waste contaminant volumes, and final disposal costs.

Lead – X chemistry incorporates a complex of water soluble penetrants for the neutralization of electrostatically charged surfaces and removal of volatile organic contaminant (VOC) films and organic gunshot residue (GSR) that enable inorganic metallic contaminants of GSR (Pb, Sb, and Ba) to adhere to both smooth and irregular rough surfaces. This mobilizes the metallic contaminants and insoluble inorganic salts into suspension for easy recovery and removal.

 Lead – X employs powerful proprietary enzymes that vigorously emulsify and pro-actively destroy hydrocarbon & organic contaminants in the wash and rinse effluents, then pro-actively biodegrade non-metallic constituents into CO2  and H2O in 3 to 14 days, thus limiting environmental impact!

Lead –X core chemistry has been independently and aggressively lab-tested in conformance with ASTM & SAE materials compatibility protocols and found compliant with all metals, most fabrics and painted surfaces. 


The wash and rinse effluents are subjected to a proprietary waste minimization treatment train that filters, captures, concentrates, removes and/or reclaims the Lead (Pb) particulate matter for potential sale or disposal. The treated remaining rinsate generated is aggressively pro-actively biodegraded by the process and will meet local sewer discharge standards.

Summary of the Lead – X  Proprietary Lead Abatement Process

1.     Intensive preliminary HEPA-filtered Vacuum Cleaning of Affected Area
2.    Containment of Affected Area
3.    Application of the Lead – X  Nano-Encapsulation Agent to Remove & Isolate Contaminants; Re-cycle and Re-use Sustainable
       Lead – X Cleaner Effluent From Processor
4.    Capture of Lead Waste Rinsate, Remove & Isolate Any Contaminants; Re-cycle and Re-use Clean Sustainable Rinsate Effluent From
5.    Minimization of Pb and Other Particulate Waste in Proprietary Effluent Polishing/Reclamation Module
6.    Residue Remediation Treatment/Reduction/Reclamation/Disposal

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