Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. Is there a difference between “biodegradable” and “biodegrader?”

A. Yes, “biodegradable” means it is capable of decaying through the action of living organisms in the environment over a period of time. There is no implication of safety or ability to degrade quickly. For instance, benzene is biodegradable, yet any quantity is considered a cancer risk,
hazardous,and toxic. Plastic bottles are considered biodegradable, but they can endure in the environment for an average time of at least 450 years. It can even take some bottles 1000 years to biode-grade!

A “biodegrader,” however, is an agent that will proactively force the biodegradation action to take place on the target contaminants to degrade them ultimately into harmless CO2 and H2O vapor. In the case of Fast-N-GreenTM Bio-D-Grader Degreaser/Remediation Agent this degrading action is usually complete in 3 to 14 days for the contaminants as well as the Degreaser.

2. Q. Why is the Fast-N-GreenTM  Bio-D-Grader Degreaser product identified as a “Super Concentrate?”

A. Because the actual formulation in the container includes only 15% water; the remaining 85% is pure reactive biochemical ingredients. Other manufacturers of “concentrated” industrial cleaner claim their product is concentrated, but a quick review of their SDS will reveal that their active ingredients are truly minimal and that the overall water content of the formulation in the bottle actually totals between 75% to 88%. So, you are NOT buying concentrated chemistry, you are purchasing water.

3. Q. Is the Fast-N-GreenTM Bio-D-Grader Degreaser product safe to use on most surfaces and with most materials?

A. Yes, the product is compatible with most hard surfaces and materials including aluminum, carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, PVC, plastic, gelcoat, ceramic, concrete, asphalt, rubber, leather, wood, upholstery, carpeting, and dry painted surfaces.

4. Q. Is Fast-N-GreenTM  Bio-D-Grader Degreaser product safe around humans and animals given that it is formulated with surfactants and a proprietary complex of enzymes and massive populations of naturally occurring bio-degrading microbes? And, can it multiply and become pervasive in the environment?

A. Yes, it is safe around humans and animals. The friendly microbial strains utilized in the formulation are not genetically engineered or modified. (All microbial strains are sent on a regular basis to an independent laboratory for verification of identification and classification.) Finished products are tested using procedures recommended by the USDA, NSF, and AOAC to ensure
that they are free of all harmful bacteria. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) classifies our strains of micro-organisms as Class I, consisting of friendly biological agents that will not cause disease in humans or animals. The product is “user-safe” and “environmentally safe.” No short or long term effects to humans or the environment have ever been documented in over 18 years of use with the Fast-N-GreenTM “Bio-D-Grader” super concentrated nano-surfactant. Continued use of the product will slowly impregnate concrete, rough surfaces and pipelines with the bio-enzymes and microbial population. Lack of water causes the biological complex to dehydrate and go dormant. Reconstitution with water revives the microbes for organic and
hydrocarbon degradation continuance, if a food source is present. However, it really cannot become pervasive in the environment because the complex has a finite active life span of about 21⁄2 years if it fails to see its specific type of hydrocarbon or organic food source and adequate moisture to survive. Conversely, if it sees too much contaminant, that also will shock and kill the
complex, as will temperatures over 115F.

5. Q. How does Fast-N-GreenTM  Bio-D-Grader Degreaser suppress volatile and hazardous hydrocarbon vapors and odors from organic sources (sewage, animal waste, smoke, etc.)?

A. Due to a complex, multi-phase formulation comprised of an amphiphilic enzyme based nano-surfactant technology. bio-enzymes and micelle chelation chemistry, the emulsion created by passivation of the oil/water interface is “sustainable,” which enables an accelerated biodegradation process to occur, as well as a volatile organic encapsulation that not only reduces odors, but reduces and controls the volatilization of flammable organic hydrocarbons, thus avoiding inadvertent combustion.

6. Q. Can any dilution ratio of the super concentrate with water be used?

A. Because the Fast-N-GreenTM  Bio-D-Grader Degreaser product    is super concentrated, it MUST be diluted a minimum of 20:1 with water to activate the encapsulated, bio-enzymes and microbiological components of the formulation that do the remediation. Greater dilutions over the minimum will work fine.

7. Q. You describe Fast-N-GreenTM  Bio-D-Grader Degreaser product as part of a “system.” What does that mean?

A. The Bio-D-Grader Degreaser product is the principal active component of an integrated 2-part cleaner/remediation system. The optional second component of this integrated cleaning system is Fast-N-GreenTM Penetrating Cleaner  that should be employed on those occasional instances when an aggressive surfactant cleaner won’t adequately remove an aged or particularly stubborn residue or stain. It is also a premier greasy tool and parts cleaner.
. .
The Penetrating Cleaner while it can be used as a stand-alone cleaner, is a biologically compatible sister solvent cleaner that safely and effectively penetrates cracks, porous surfaces and/or baked on residues, emulsifies, dissolves and removes highly viscous, aged, or charred hydrocarbon residues, stubborn grime, stains, grease, inks, and adhesives from metal, concrete, and other contaminated surfaces while assuring a film-free rinse. As a primary cleaner, it aggressively dissolves engine combustion deposits and is an invaluably diverse and safe cleaner in the food service industry around all food preparation surfaces because of its highly refined food grade attributes. And, it is part of an effective remedy to FOG in grease traps. Yet, this product delivers its incredible cleaning performance without the use of harsh and irritating chemicals or acids or toxic to the environment chlorinated hydrocarbons as found in most other industrial strength solvent cleaners. Its biological compatibility assures that you can follow its use with the Bio-D-Grader product as the final clean and rinse cycle to still be able to accomplish complete remediation within days.

8. Q. When the Bio-D-Grader Degreaser product concentrate is diluted with water into a working solution, if it is not all used up on the job within several days, what changes take place in the properties of the working solution?

A. After several weeks, the biodegradation and surfactant cleaning action can diminish until it is eventually gone altogether. However, this is a slow evolving aerobic (oxygenation) process that requires reasonable aeration/agitation of the working solution for it to degrade

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