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FAST-N-GREEN TM  Bio-D-Grader-Degreaser/Remediation Agent is unique from all other industrial surfactants in that it possesses powerful organic and hydrocarbon contamination destroying enzymes and encapsulated reactive biological components in its formulation. It is the primary component in an integrated biochemical cleaning and environmental remediation system.

This innovative cleaner employs “Nature’s Green Power” in a co-metabolite remediation formula to safely clean, emulsify, and biodegrade stubborn grime and stains caused by organic grease, oils, hydrocarbon fluids, and soap scum, etc. from metal, concrete, tile, brick, asphalt, plastic, upholstery, carpeting, and similar hard and soft surfaces. The superior cleaning effectiveness is supported by a proprietary blend of nonhazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-abrasive, ODC-free, HAP-free,

and biodegradable vapor and odor suppressing surfactants and state-of-the-art dispersant chemistries.

FAST-N-GREEN TM  Bio-D-Grader-Degreaser/Remediation Agent is so super concentrated it must be diluted with water a minimum of 20:1 to provide for a bio-active industrial strength formulation capable of cost-effectively decontaminating the more difficult applications.

This product is Environmentally Pro-active because, when activated by dilution water, the surfactants, dispersants, remediation agents, and any emulsified contaminant hydrocarbons, oils, greases, and organics in the rinsate will “transform” (aerobically degrade) to CO2 and H2O in 3 to 14 days, thus limiting environmental impacts from direct wastewater discharges.

  • FAST-N-GREEN TM  Bio-D-Grader-Degreaser/Remediation Agent contains no harsh chemicals, caustics or acids. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-abrasive and actively biodegradable
  • Upon activation of the concentrate with dilution water, the product will not only clean the contaminant hydrocarbons, oils, greases and organics from hard and soft surfaces, but biodegrade them in a self-destruction, biochemical process
  • A Volatile Suppression Agent mitigates contaminant flammability and fume hazards
  • Regular use creates a natural barrier against oil and grease buildup
  • The residual oil and grease destroying enzyme and microbial action keep on working and working for a cleaner environment by “seeding” and maintaining a meaningful hydrocarbon-specific microbial population in soil, porous surfaces and pipelines.
  • Concentrate can be stored for 2+ years at ambient temperatures
  • Diluted “working solution” will slowly degrade in several weeks if it sees aeration
  • The product enhances the efficiency of existing wastewater treatment systems and provides a level of protection against untreated discharges of contaminated water
  • Use of the product reduces risk of “slip & fall” due to build-up of oil and grease residues on hard surfaces
    Because of super concentration, cost-effective dilution ratios can range over 100-1 with water, depending upon intended application and degree of contamination
  • FAST-N-GREEN TM  Bio-D-Grader-Degreaser/Remediation Agent can be used in pressure washers
  • Effective for floor, driveway, tarmac stain cleanups, vehicle engines, parts and tool washing & degreasing, cleanup of organic waste and pet odor suppression, and a variety of other diverse applications
  • First responders to accident scenes can employ product to easily clean up hydro-carbon spills and suppress fuel volatility and flammability risk
  • Most emulsified contaminants will bio-degrade in 1-14 days at 70 F
  • The product enhances the efficiency of existing wastewater treatment systems and provides a level of protection against untreated discharges of contaminated water
  • The product can be safely employed to decontaminate oil-covered wildlife.

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