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Development of FAST-N-GREEN TM  Bio-D-Grader-Degreaser/Remediation Agent

FAST-N-GREEN TM  Bio-D-Grader-Degreaser/Remediation Agent

is  a revolutionary   multi-purpose   industrial   cleaner   concentrate   like nothing  else  you  have  ever  used.  It  represents  a  new  era  in "advanced    safe    green"    cleaning    tec.hnology    --    unique  from All other industrial  cleaners.  The  product inherits  its  unique proprietary  properties  from  an  InPlant  Systems,  Inc.  chemistry protocol that was originally developed and employed by InPlant in 1988  to  remediate  a  massive  oil  spill  from  the  collapse  of  a  5 million  gallon  diesel  fuel  storage  tank  at  a  Pennsylvania  refinery. The  unique  destructive  chemistry  process  brought  98%  of  the heavily  contaminated  tank  impoundment  area  into  a  level  of  environmental    compliance    that    dramatically    exceeded    the  regulatory   goals   in   less   than   90   days.   This   documented performance was revolutionary because of the high level of environmental remediation achieved and the  short period  of  performance  time  (the  refiner  had  already  spent  several  years  and  millions  of  dollars  attempting unsuccessfully to achieve remediation and closure).

 InPlant’s  proprietary  chemical system  is  characterized  as “Enzyme-Catalyzed Metabolic Remediation” (ECMR) and  it was initially used for successful record time and cost remedial cleanup of numerous hydrocarbon contaminated sites such as cited  above. Then  in  1999  a  major  metropolitan  transit system needed a cleanup solution for its large bus parking lots and  servicing  areas.  These  were  regarded  by  the  EPA  as  point-source  generators  because  of  the  high  levels  of hydrocarbons  and  waste  oils  that would inadvertently collect and  run off surfaces  during  heavy  rains…  Thinking  beyond the  norms,  InPlant custom-developed  a  proprietary enzyme-based  (ECMR) cleaner and  environmental remediation agent concentrate  that  was  the  predecessor  technology  that provided  the  impetus and insight for  the creation of InPlant’s innovative FAST-N-GREEN TM  Bio-D-Grader-Degreaser/Remediation Agent.


The transit system has been using this product successfully for over 18 years to stay in compliance for more than 754.91 million bus miles of cleaning.

FAST-N-GREEN TM  Bio-D-Grader-Degreaser/Remediation Agent should become your most cost- effective universal safe green cleaning solution...

One gallon of super concentrate makes no less than 20 gallons of actively biodegradable degreaser!

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